Café Tribeca's Lab

Our coffees when arrive from the plantation are meticulously separated into batches, followed by a controlled drying, some on cement patios, others in suspended tables.  Once the coffee cherries achieve the aimed moisture content, the outer husk of skin and dried fruit are removed. Finally, the green beans are sorted by hand and with sieves.

We do "cuppings" for each batch to identify attributes and to evaluate the samples. According to the batches' classification we select the bests to sell.


We have in our team a Q-Grader, certified by the Coffee Quality Institute. Our "cuppings" are done following the cupping protocols from the Specialty Coffee Association of America - SCAA -, such as: environment well lit and with no interfering aromas, a precision scale, thermometer, grinder and proper resting period after the roasting.

We created the Tribeca brand with two categories: Tribeca Gems and Tribeca. Our coffees are 100% from Fazenda da Serra farm and sold directly to the consumer, with no middleman involved.