Estrada Três Pontas - Santana da Vargem

Km 10. 

Minas Gerais - Brazil

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A little bit of our history...

Aureliano Chaves e Vivi na casa sede da Fazenda da Serra Café Especial Tribeca

"How we begin to talk about this farm “Fazenda da Serra”, that has a lot to tell?
Everything began with Antonio Aureliano Chaves de Mendonça and his wife Vivi
Sanches de Mendonça, my beloved parents. My father was born in a little
mountainous city named Três Pontas and my mother was born in a little city too,
named Itajubá. Both cities are located in the south of Minas Gerais. This region is
very famous because of its beautiful landscape and vast coffee plantations. Since
childhood my dad used to go to some uncles’ farms and loved being there. Even
though he had a degree in electrical and mechanical engineering and later entered in
politics, he never forgot his dream to have his own farm.."

"So it came a great opportunity, fifty-one years ago he bought this farm “Fazenda da

Serra”. My mom always told us how his eyes shone when he talked about it, and

soon I could see it by myself. I remember so clearly my first visit there. The

farmhouse was small and had a tiny flower garden, but for a little girl it looked like

an enchanted place, full of adventures and fantasies. With my quite and sharp

imagination I made this place my paradise in Earth."

Casa sede da Fazenda da Serra Café especial Tribeca

"My dad taught me about coffee. Sometimes he took me to the plantation, showed me some coffee trees and answered with a lot of patience my infinity questions. He knew every single detail of the plantation, every single coffee row and its trees.  With all this attention and passion being shared with me, I was falling in love with this magic place. During the harvest, the coffee terraces were packed with coffee cherries, because of it I loved playing there.

My vacations were almost always in Fazenda da Serra. Even after my dad became a

very important person in the Brazilian political stage, he continued to go there regularly and said that Fazenda da Serra made him live longer."

Aureliano Chaves cafezal Fazenda da Serra Tribeca café especial

"This whole love to this farm was passed to my husband, who did and do a lot to

improve the quality of our plantation and our speciality coffee, and to my

daughters Renata, Danielle and Priscila, who had the best time of their lives there.

We are a team committed to excellence in the production of quality coffee with

sustainability, taking care of the forest and springs, cultivating an organic vegetable

garden and orchard for our consumption."

Horta orgânica fazenda da serra tribeca café especial
Vista da fazenda da serra cafezal

"We try to make this farm a

pleasant place to live and to work. All together, for an ideal: a super special coffee

that fills with joy and pleasure the taste of those who experience it, fixing in the

memory and in the heart the Tribeca coffee. "

Written by Maria Cecília, one of the owners of “Fazenda da Serra” and the founder of

Tribeca Coffee.

Fazenda da Serra

Mapa fazenda da serra café especial tribeca